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Petit Fours

Small individually glazed cakes made from an almond pound cake and glazed in various colors of fondant. Each cake is hand decorated. Petit fours available

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Vanilla Cake Pop

Our vanilla base is hand rolled into a ball and dipped in white chocolate. Each cake pop is hand decorated with edible silver stars. Cake

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Chocolate Cake Pop

Our chocolate base is hand rolled and dipped in dark chocolate. Each cake pop is decorated with edible gold stars. Cake Pops We offer three

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Pecan Diamonds

A rich filling of pecans, butter, and honey is oven baked in a cookie shell. We hand-cut into diamond shapes, and garnish with a buttercream

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Multiple layers of nut sponge cake support espresso butter cream and chocolate ganache. A chocolate coffee bean garnishes each square.

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Lemon Curd Bar

A cookie shell supports a buttery lemon filling which is baked and cooled. The finished product is cut into square pieces and dusted with powdered

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