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Bete Noir “Dark Beast”

Flourless chocolate cake made with butter and two types of chocolate is enrobed in ganache.
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White Chocolate Torte

A thin cookie crust is layered with a seedless raspberry marmalade and three layers of toasted almond meringues.
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Chocolate Truffle Torte

Two layers of dense chocolate cake with a rich chocolate truffle filling are iced and glazed in chocolate.
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Almond Macaroon Torte

Three layers of almond macaroons are supported by a buttery chocolate filling and glazed with  chocolate ganache.
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Classic Carrot Cake

Carrot cake spiked with walnuts and spice, filled and iced in rich cream cheese icing and surrounded by walnuts .
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Banana Split Cake

This cake has all the flavors of this summer classic!

Resting on top of a banana cake is a layer of strawberry gel and a layer of vanilla bean mousse.
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Fudge Home Style

Three layers of chocolate sponge cake are filled and iced in a rich fudge icing and  garnished with shaved chocolate.
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Strawberry Shortcake

Two layers of yellow cake are filled with an imported strawberry marmalade.
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Lemon curd torte

Three layers of our moist lemon cake are filled with a homemade lemon curd filling.

The cake is then iced in a cream cheese icing and topped with another layer of lemon curd.
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Red Velvet Torte

Red Velvet Torte

We begin with two layers of our red velvet cake that are filled and iced with a cream cheese icing.

The side of the cake is garnished with red velvet cake crumbs.
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