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Plated Desserts


Cherry Pistachio Bombe

First, we bake a pistachio bilini sponge that will be used as the base of this dessert.

Then, we deposit a cherry filling on the base and layer with a rich white chocolate mousse filling.
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This dessert was inspired by the Cupola of Italy’s Dome Cathedral in Florence.

It  is filled with a mixture of sweetened whipped cream and chocolate, which is then spiked with rum before being topped with a slice of chocolate cake.
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Mascarpone Crème with Cherries

Mascarpone cheese and vanilla-infused rum are blended with heavy cream.

The mousse rests atop sour cherries and finally a layer of golden sponge cake.
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White Chocolate Orange

A moist layer of cocoa sponge is layered with an orange marmalade and flavored with Grand Marnier.
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S’more Entremet

We begin with a chocolate coated graham cracker base that supports a rich chocolate mousse filling, spiked with chocolate covered crisps.
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White Chocolate Hazelnut Entremet

This dessert is made with white chocolate mousse infused with hazelnuts and layered over a toasted hazelnut meringue.
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Our flourless chocolate decadence rests atop a layer of chocolate cake.

It is then glazed in ganache and garnished with a chocolate decoration.
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Lemon Entremet

White cake supports a lemon mousse filling.

The top is finished with a lemon glaze,  a white butter cream rosette, and a dot of lemon marmalade.
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Strawberry Entremet

Chocolate cake supports a strawberry bavarian made from heavy cream, strawberries, and a vanilla sauce.
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Pear Ricotta Tart-3”

We begin with our 3” butter cookie dough tart shell.

It is filled with a sweetened ricotta cheese filling.
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Fresh Fruit Tarts-3”

Our 3” cookie shell is coated with chocolate and filled with pastry cream.
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Strawberry Cheesecake

This individual dessert is smooth and creamy with the richness and full flavor of  our original New York cheesecake.

It is finished with an all natural strawberry swirl.
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