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Miniature Desserts


Chocolate Pointe

The base of this bite size chocolate pointe is made with a dense chocolate cake. We then hand decorate each piece with a  chocolate butter cream design and finish the presentation with a diamond shape chocolate garnish.
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Mascarpone Octagon

This miniature dessert is made with mascarpone cheese and vanilla-infused rum that are blended with heavy cream. The mousse is then molded into an octagon shape.
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Key Lime Tartlette

We start with our all butter tart shells that are spiked with macadamia nuts.

We prepare a key lime filling made with authentic key lime juice.
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Chocolate Truffles

Our truffles are a rendezvous of chocolate and heavy cream.  We hand dip each truffle in couverture chocolate and finished in different styles.
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Petit Fours

Small individually glazed cakes made from an almond pound cake and glazed in various colors of fondant.  Each cake is hand decorated.
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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Fresh  strawberries are dipped in dark semi-sweet chocolate and accented with white chocolate lines. (not shown in picture)  We also do double, triple, or tuxedo dipped strawberries.
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