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French Pastries



A miniature version of the Italian classic! Fresh sweetened ricotta cheese laced with Grand Marnier and garnished with chocolate

Cherry Cheesecake Cups

Our New York cheesecake in a miniature size, topped with cherries and garnished with croquant.
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Chocolate Ducat

A moist, fudge-type pastry filling is rolled and glazed in chocolate ganache and hand decorated with white chocolate lines.
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Chocolate Éclair

Cream puff shells are filled with pastry cream, dipped in chocolate ganache, and garnished with toasted almonds.
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Fresh Fruit Tart 1.75″

Our mini cookie shell is coated with chocolate and filled with pastry cream.  Fresh fruit is arranged on top and finished with an apricot glaze.
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Lemon Curd Bar

A cookie shell supports a buttery lemon filling which is baked and cooled.  The finished product is cut into bars and dusted with powdered sugar.
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Multiple layers of nut sponge cake support espresso butter cream and chocolate ganache.  A chocolate coffee bean garnishes each square.
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Pecan Diamonds

A rich filling of pecans, butter, and honey is oven baked in a cookie shell, cut into diamond shapes, and garnished with a  butter cream flower.
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Cream Puff

We start with a cream puff shell filled with 40% heavy whipping cream and dusted with powdered sugar.
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